Workshop on Best Practices for Partnerships Considers Options for Rio+20

RIO+2014 December 2011: A “Workshop on Partnerships Best Practices and their contributions to Rio+20” convened on 14 December 2011 at UN Headquarters in New York, US. It was convened as an initial discussion regarding the format that could be used for the “partnerships forum” that UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution A/C.2/66/L.59 indicates should be convened in parallel with UNCSD.

Approximately 60 participants, from UN Missions and government agencies, UN agencies, existing partnerships and NGOs attended the workshop, which was organized by the UNCSD Secretariat.

Speakers at the workshop included Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the 1972 UN Conference on Human Environment and the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Amir Dossal, former Executive Director of the UN Office on Partnerships (UNOP) and Chairman of the Global Partnership Forum, and Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Coordinator, UNCSD Secretariat.

Among other topics, participants outlined the elements of successful partnerships, including having: a clear objective and an identified solution to achieve it; the right people in the partnership to achieve the objective; and the right governance structure, which allows all partners to be heard. Transparency, accountability, equity and leadership were also emphasized as key components to partnerships.

Preparations for the Partnerships Forum will continue during the preparatory process of Rio+20,  inviting the participation of a broad range of stakeholders. [IISD RS Sources]