Vitae Civilis Publishes Rio+20 Overview

April 2012: Vitae Civilis has published an overview of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20) process, with the aim of encouraging and supporting civil society participation at the Conference and the processes around it.

The paper, titled "Rio+20: The Essential Information," outlines the official goals of Rio+20 and the topics that will be discussed during the Conference, and highlights that civil society is also working to influence the Rio+20 outcome to ensure that their own goals, causes and points of view are considered. It gives an overview of the various events that will be held before and in parallel with Rio+20, and also provides information on how civil society representatives can participate in these events and in the official negotiations. In addition, the paper provides some logistical information about the Conference, such as how to organize side events.

The paper also outlines possible next steps after Rio+20, highlighting that the Rio+20 outcome is expected to guide the sustainable development actions of governments and the UN in coming years, and that for civil society, Rio+20 is expected to be an opportunity to develop activities that go beyond the official process and aim at the long term. [Publication: Rio+20: The Essential Information]