UNOSD Announces Sustainable Development Learning Portal

UNOSD13 August 2013: The UN Office of Sustainable Development (UNOSD) has announced that a platform for knowledge sharing, known as the "SD Learning Portal,"  will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2013.

UNOSD said the platform will offer knowledge management tools that have been developed based on a survey of knowledge needs in the global sustainable development community. The tools and services to be provided include bibliographies, links to online resources, network maps of institutions and communities, distance learning courses and a calendar of events.

The platform aims to support the work of sustainable development practitioners in governments, service provider organizations and civil society, including their establishment of national sustainable development strategies.

UNOSD, based in Incheon, Republic of Korea, previously organized an expert consultation in March 2013 on “Knowledge and capacity needs for sustainable development in the post-Rio+20 era.” The meeting adopted a framework for action on “Bridging Knowledge and Capacity Gaps for Sustainability Transition.” The SD Learning Portal has been developed based on the priorities identified at the meeting, in the context of the Rio+20 outcome that called for the meaningful participation of many different sectors of society in implementing sustainable development. [UNOSD web story] [Report on expert consultation]