UNGA President Appoints Facilitators to Establish SD Financing Committee

10 January 2013: Vuk Jeremic, President of the 67th UN General Assembly (UNGA), has announced the appointment of two co-facilitators to establish an intergovernmental committee on sustainable development financing. Byrganym Aitimova, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan, and Geir O. Pedersen, Permanent Representative of Norway, will serve in this capacity.

In a letter to Permanent Representatives of UN Member States, Jeremic notes that the outcome document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20) called for an intergovernmental process to propose "options on an effective sustainable development financing strategy to facilitate the mobilization of resources and their effective use in achieving sustainable development objectives,” to be launched under the auspices of the UNGA, in the form of an intergovernmental committee of 30 experts nominated by the regional groups, with “equitable geographical representation,” and that the Committee's work must conclude by 2014 for consideration by the UNGA. [Letter from UNGA President]