UNGA Considers “Food for Progress” on ECOSOC Reform

19 February 2013: The co-facilitators for the further review of the implementation of UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 61/16 on the strengthening of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - Jan Grauls, Belgium, and George Wilfred Talbot, Guyana - prepared a “Food for Progress” paper ahead of continued informal consultations with Member States on 20 February 2013.

In a letter announcing the meeting, the co-facilitators expressed a desire to continue progress after five previous informal consultations and a report of the UN Secretary-General on the matter. To inform the latest meeting, the "Food for Progress" paper highlighted two possible outcomes of the consultations: a report with ECOSOC reform recommendations, or a draft resolution to be mandated by the UNGA.

The paper also outlines general trends from the consultations so far, and includes details for possible future deliverables. Outcome recommendations are distinguished between those requiring a new UNGA resolution, and those requiring an ECOSOC decision.

Also included is a graphic of a possible new ECOSOC timeline of work that has been suggested by Member States. [Publication: Food For Progress: The ECOSOC We Want] [IISD RS Story on Fifth Consultation Meeting] [IISD RS Story on First Food for Thought Paper] [IISD RS Story on Secretary-General Report]