UNFPA Report Highlights Role of Population Dynamics in Sustainable Development Agenda

14 June 2012: The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has released a report titled “Population Matters for Sustainable Development.” This report describes the influence of population on sustainable development and stresses the challenge of simultaneously improving the well-being of a growing world population while ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.

The report discusses the implications of population dynamics for sustainable development and for policymakers. It notes limited attention to population growth within the green economy, and underscores the importance of increased attention to population dynamics, including the development of human-centered and rights-based policies.

The report identifies five priority instruments for countries and policymakers to address population dynamics and promote sustainable development: enlarging individual choices and opportunities through incentives, rather than controls; empowering women through provision of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and promoting their participation in economic, political and social life; recognizing and supporting the contribution and participation of youth to achieve well-being and environmental sustainability; combating poverty, developing human capabilities and promoting inclusive economic growth through social policies and transfers targeting vulnerable populations; and implementing proactive population planning in national, rural and urban development strategies and in sectoral strategies. [Publication: Population Matters for Sustainable Development]