UNEP TUNZA Conference Develops Bandung Declaration

1 October 2011: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Tunza International Children and Youth Conference concluded with endorsement of a Bandung Declaration, which calls on governments at the Rio+20 meeting to “respond and not ignore the demands of children and youth.” The Conference convened in Bandung, Indonesia from 27 September-1 October 2011.

According to UNEP, the Conference was attended by 1500 participants from 120 countries, and convened under the theme “Reshaping our Future through a Green Economy and Sustainable Lifestyles.” The conference discussed the role of young people in sustainable development, and agreed to the Bandung Declaration, which represents the global youth statement on sustainable development in the lead up to Rio+20.

The Bandung Declaration includes five sections. On Rio+20 and the promises to our generation, it details the reality of unsustainable development that faces Rio+20 and states that children and young people cannot wait another generation, until a Rio+40. In a section on what children and youth are going to do, it outlines the commitment of children and youth to lobby their respective governments and adopt more sustainable lifestyles. On what green economy means to children and youth, it inidicates that it is an economy that values human well being, social equity, economic growth and environmental protection on an equal basis. It also stresses the need for governments and corporations to come to Rio and deliver, a swift and decisive green economy path toward sustainable development, and presents what governance means to children and youth. [UNEP Press Release][UN News Centre Press Release] [UNCSD website] [Bandung Declaration][Meeting website]