UNDG Releases Factsheets on 11 Global Thematic Consultations

The World We Want 201514 January 2013: The UN Development Group (UNDG) has produced a series of 11 fact sheets, one for each of the Global Thematic Consultations for the Post-2015 Development Agenda. These consultations are each chaired by two UN Agencies, with support from at least two Member States, and will complete their work by May 2013. The results of the consultations will be used to inform the report of the UN Secretary-General on the post-2015 framework.

The 11 themes are: Food and Nutrition; Conflict, Violence, Disaster; Environmental Sustainability; Energy; Inequalities; Water; Governance; Education; Population Dynamics; Health; Growth and Employment.

The documents give an overview of the progress each thematic consultation has made so far,  and an outline of their programme of work to come. All consultations seek to engage academia, media, the private sector, employers and trade unions, and civil society through online discussions on the website and through numerous global events. A High-Level Leadership meeting will take place for each consultation between February and early April 2013, and the preliminary location and date details can be found on each document.

The document also indicate the issues being raised in each consultation, including discussions and details available in the online platforms at this time. [Series of 11 Factsheets[World We Want 2015 Website] [IISD RS Sources]