UN Global Compact Issues Report of Third “Caring for Climate” Meeting

September 2011: The UN Global Compact has released the report from the Third Meeting of the Signatories of "Caring for Climate," during which discussion focused on ways to scale up and intensify the business contribution towards the sustainable development objectives of UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20). 

The meeting convened on 17 May 2011, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was attended by representatives from business, civil society, governments and the UN. Conclusions derived by meeting participants included the following: although challenging for many companies, core business strategies must be altered to adapt to the impacts of climate change through a sustainable approach; businesses must go beyond showcasing their efforts to put forth climate objectives for the business community; integrating water and climate issues into strategic business planning and operational activities is increasingly important to address climate mitigation and adaptation priorities – especially ahead of Rio+20; and energy is a priority issue ahead of Rio+20, and signatories will work with other businesses to expand modern energy services and mobilize larger business contribution to providing universal access to sustainable energy. [Publication: Meeting Report: Business Contribution to Global Sustainability ahead of Rio+20]