Stakeholder Forum Publishes Papers on Sustainable Development Governance

March 2011: The Stakeholder Forum has recently published several papers on sustainable development governance related to the topics under discussion for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20), as well as a "Pocket Guide" to sustainable development governance, a document on principles for a green economy, and a document on global sustainability targets from 1992-2010.

The papers on sustainable development governance were produced on the occasion of the stakeholder consultation that took place on 6 March 2011, convened jointly with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The ten "Think Pieces" currently included in the sdg2012 programme collection are as follows: “Sustainable Development Governance towards Rio+20: Framing the Debate,” by Jan-Gustav Strandeneas, for Stakeholder Forum; “Global Governance in the 21st Century: Rethinking the Environmental Pillar,” by Maria Ivanova, University of Massachusetts;  “Greening the International Financial Institutions (IFIs): Finance for the next decade's sustainable development,” by Kirk Herbertson, World Resources Institute; “Environmental Institutions for the 21st Century - An International Environmental Court,” by ICE Coalition; “Enhancing Science-Policy Links for Global Sustainability,” by Peter Bates and Gisbert Glaser; “Reforming Global Environmental Governance: The Case for a United Nations Environment Organisation,” by Frank Biermann; “Transforming the International Monetary System: A crucial "new and emerging challenge" for the Rio 2012 Earth Summit,” by Frans Verhagen; “A Brief Thought Piece: An evolutionary perspective on Sustainable Development Governance,” by Tom Jacob; and “Embarking on Global Governance: Thoughts on the inclusion of local,” by Konrad Otto-Zimmermann.

"A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance" includes sections on: Concepts for Sustainable Development Governance; Global Institutions for Sustainable Development Governance; Reform Proposals for Sustainable Development Governance; and Processes for Sustainable Development Governance.

"Principles for the Green Economy," authored by Hannah Stoddart, Stakeholder Forum, Sue Riddlestone, BioRegional, and Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter Initiative, seeks to "combine some of the most prominent existing principles relating to sustainable development and the green economy into a cohesive guiding tool."

"Global Sustainability Targets," by Hannah Stoddart, Stakeholder Forum, with Eela Dubey, identifies targets from: Agenda 21; "Rio Earth Summit;" the Commission on Sustainable Development; the Millennium Development Goals; the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation; the Convention on Biological Diversity; and the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). [Publication: SDG2012 Think Pieces] [Publication: Pocket Guide to SDG] [Publication: Principles for the Green Economy] [Publication: Global Sustainability Targets]