Secretariat Reorganization Proposed for Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions

December 2011: The Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, Jim Willis, has released a proposal for the organization of the secretariats of the three conventions, as requested by the three Conferences of the Parties in their decisions on joint managerial functions.

Proposed changes include a shift from the current programmatic structure, which consists of three separate secretariats dedicated to each respective Convention and a joint convention services group, to a future matrix structure. This involves establishing a single integrated secretariat, consisting of four branches covering administrative services, convention operations, technical assistance and scientific support. According to Willis, the proposed future structure would simplify the organization of the secretariat and reduce the number of senior managers.

The proposal includes several new management controls to support the successful transition to, and operation of, a matrix organization. The proposal also includes a draft vision for the secretariat in an effort to guide secretariat management in the future. [Proposal on Joint Managerial Functions]