Online Forum on “Building the Future We Want” Opens Ahead of ECOSOC Ministerial

12 September 2012: The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the Department of Public Information (DPI) have launched an online global forum, “Building the Future We Want,” to enable the public to participate in discussions strengthening the multilateral system for sustainable development. The forum will conclude on 24 September 2012, the day of the UN Economic and Social Council's (ECOSOC) Special Ministerial Meeting on the topic.

The online global forum aims to "help shape the conversation" at the ministerial level. The Ministerial Meeting will include a moderated expert panel discussion and interactive dialogue, addressing ways to strengthen the multilateral system for sustainable development and better integrate the economic, social and environmental spheres.

Using Facebook or Twitter, participants in the online forum can post questions on “what, why, and how” countries should deal with sustainable development issues, such as unemployment, food security, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable consumption and production (SCP), land degradation, water, energy, sustainable cities, financing and technology transfer.

Selected questions will be answered live on 24 September. [Facebook Forum Page] [DESA Announcement] [ECOSOC Webpage for Ministerial Meeting]