OECD Paper Outlines Green Growth Work for 2011-2013

6 July 2011: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published an information note titled “The Green Growth Strategy Reshaping the OECD's work agenda for the years to come” outlining the 2011-2013 work on Green Growth.

The information note underlines that following the delivery of the OECD's Green Growth Strategy at the Ministerial Council meeting in May 2011, green growth will be mainstreamed in OECD  analytical work to enrich guidance on a number of country, sector and issue-specific areas. This will involve integrating green growth considerations in economic surveys, environmental performance reviews and innovation reviews. It is also noted that further work will look at how the implementation of the Strategy, both globally and in developing countries, can maximize development outcomes.

The note outlines upcoming work, quarter by quarter, on green growth through 2013, as well as key green growth events through 2012. [Publication: The Green Growth Strategy Reshaping the OECD's Work Agenda for the Years to Come]