OECD Launches Four Green Growth Publications at Ministerial Council

25 May 2011: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released three publications on green growth, as well as a summary for policymakers, at the OECD'S 50th anniversary week Ministerial Council meeting, which took place from 25-26 May 2011, in Paris, France.

The main publication, “Towards Green Growth,” provides a practical framework for policy makers and governments in all countries “to boost economic growth and protect the environment.” Its Executive Summary is available in over a dozen languages. It outlines the need for two broad sets of policies essential to any green growth strategy. The first set mutually reinforces economic growth and the conservation of natural capital, including core fiscal and regulatory settings and innovation policies. The second includes policies that provide incentives to use natural resources efficiently and make pollution more expensive. It contains chapters on: the need for green growth strategies; policy frameworks for green growth; promoting the transition towards green growth; measuring progress; and delivering on green growth. It contains an annex on harnessing investments for green growth.

The report “Tools for Delivering on Green Growth” outlines options available to policy makers for developing green growth strategies. It looks at, inter alia: how to diagnose key constraints to green growth; establishing effective institutional arrangements; constructing appropriate policy packages; and facilitating adjustment and addressing transitional concerns.

The report “Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress” discusses a framework and monitoring tools to help governments measure progress towards green growth. It contains sections on, inter alia: the OECD's approach to monitoring; the measurement framework itself; a proposed OECD green growth indicator set; a measurement agenda; and an in-depth analysis and discussion of the indicators themselves. The indicators include the umbrella categories of: the socioeconomic context and characteristics of growth; the environmental and resource base; the natural asset base; environmental quality of life; and economic opportunities and responses.

The document “Towards Green Growth: A Summary for Policy Makers” synthesizes key elements and messages of all three documents into 20 pages. [OECD Press Release] [Publication: Towards Green Growth] [Webpage of other three reports]