OECD Highlights Business Models’ Contribution to the Transition to Green Growth

OECD1 February 2013: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a report, titled “Why New Business Models Matter for Green Growth,” which highlights the potential impact of new business models to achieve green growth, and examines how effective policy can help to build momentum for and scale up successful models.

The objective of the report is to enable governments to devise and roll out policies aimed at facilitating the deployment of new business models and eco-innovation practices, to steer economies on the path towards green growth. The report focuses on 55 cases studies from 14 OECD countries.

The report highlights a variety of new business models and precedents applicable for green growth, including the emergence of sustainability as an added value for business. The role of well-designed policies in overcoming barriers to the development of new business models is discussed.

Key priorities for policy action include: enhancing access to financing, particularly risk capital; eliminating perverse incentives such as energy subsidies and reducing entry barriers for start-ups; supporting skills development, research and development innovation; and improving governance. [Publication: Why New Business Models Matter for Green Growth]