ICLEI Publishes Briefing Sheet on Green Urban Economy

7 October 2011: ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability has produced a briefing sheet on the “Green Urban Economy,” which outlines the meaning of, and reasons for, a green economy, including the cost of inaction. It states that a viable green urban economy should be based on "cradle-to-cradle" material cycles, more eco-efficient systems and the creation of decent jobs.

The briefing sheet highlights opportunities cities have to “green” the urban economy, emphasizing that cities can benefit and realize opportunities from green economies by enhancing their environmental assets and by improving their environmental, social and economic conditions. In addition, the briefing sheet identifies some of the ways local governments can “green” their economies, such as by setting framework conditions for appropriate investments, providing incentives and finance, and driving local innovation. [Publication: Green Urban Economy]