High-level Panel on Global Sustainability Sherpas Prepare Final Report

UNSeptember 2011: The report of the latest meeting of the “sherpas” to the UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Global Sustainability has been released. The focus of their meeting was on draft sections of the Panel's final report, in preparation for the upcoming fourth meeting (GSP 4).

The sherpas met on 23-24 June 2011, in New York, US. The Panel's Secretariat presented a draft of the first two sections of the Panel's final report – on “where we are” (current challenges and opportunities in sustainable development) and “where we need to be” (the Panel's vision for the world within several decades) – as well as the “cabinet papers” that will inform the third section, on “how do we get there” (a road map of actions to be taken by governments, international organizations, the private sector and individuals).

The cabinet papers focus on each priority area established by the Panel at GSP 3 in May 2011 – access to clean and safe energy, access to water, food security, and decent jobs, with a focus on youth and sustainable enterprise.

In addition to the June meeting, the sherpas also recently met in Beijing, from 31 August-1 September 2011, preceded by an expert meeting on 30 August. During this meeting, participants focused on the narrative of the report along with recommendations, including forging a sustainable economy, empowering people to take part in a global sustainable economy, and collaborating on a systemic transformation.

A full draft of the report is expected to be discussed at GSP 4, scheduled for 18-19 September 2011. [Publication: Report of the Meeting of the GSP Sherpas] [IISD RS Sources]