Francophone Forum on Rio+20 Adopts “Call from Lyon”

9 February 2012: The International Francophone Organization organized the Francophone Forum in preparation for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20). The Forum, which took place from 8-9 February 2012, in Lyon, France, concluded with the adoption of the "Appel des Participants du Forum de Lyon," which contains the contribution of the Francophone community to the negotiating process.

In its preamble, the Call from Lyon emphasizes the need to promote global cultural plurality as one of the foundations of harmonious and sustainable human development. The Call includes sections on: youth; the green economy; international governance for sustainable development; national governance and financing; local governments; companies' environmental and social liability; access to basic services; energy transition; forests, the green economy and poverty eradication; information and culture; skills and training; innovation; the media; and information systems on sustainable development.

Participants also discussed and proposed a number of amendments to the zero draft of the Outcome Document for Rio+20. [Forum Documents] [Zero Draft with Suggested Amendments] [Appel des Participants du Forum de Lyon] [Forum Website]