Brookings Report Encourages Collaborative Effort to Bolster Green Innovation

November 2012: A new report from the Brookings Institution, funded with support from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Norway, suggests that innovations in green technology represent transformational approaches to the hardest development and environment challenges.

However, the report notes that these innovations will require support across all development contexts.

"Green Growth Innovation: New Pathways for International Cooperation" argues that widespread economic development has increased global capacity for research and development, and created a new tier of emerging innovators in developing countries. Therefore, additional innovation areas can be encouraged in new regions.

The report notes that addressing climate change, energy access, environmental degradation, sanitation and water availability while achieving economic and development goals will require new creative approaches, as well as new and profitable business models and novel approaches to financing. The report concludes that, by linking national governments, the private sector and the international community, a collaborative effort can make concrete improvements in four key green innovation areas: cultivating technical knowledge in green technologies; facilitating existing entrepreneurial cultures; providing new models and opportunities for financing and intellectual property sharing; and large scale financing for demonstration and deployment of complex but transformative new technologies. [Publication: Green Growth Innovation: New Pathways for International Cooperation]