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UNEP Report: Illegally Traded and Dumped Waste Endangers Workers, Threatens Environment [viewed]

UNEP12 May 2015: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has published a report on illegal trading and dumping of waste around the world. The report includes the finding that up to 90% of the world's electronic waste (e-waste) is illegally traded or dumped each year, and notes that of the food produced for human consumption globally, approximately one third is lost or wasted. Titled ‘Waste Crime - Waste Risks: Gaps in Meeting the Global Waste Challenge,' the report was launched at the Conferences of the Parties (COP) to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions.

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ECOSOC Dialogue Discusses Funding of UN Development System [viewed]

ECOSOC8 May 2015: As part of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) dialogue on the longer-term positioning of the UN development system, participants in a one-day workshop discussed the funding of the UN development system in the context of the post-2015 development agenda.

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Event: United Nations Environment Programme Stakeholder Forum: Ottawa [viewed]

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Office for North America is hosting a stakeholder

forum at the University of Ottawa on 26 May 2015. The session will address UNEP's contributions to the United

Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process. It will also inform participants

about the implementation of key decisions from the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), including resolutions regarding air quality, chemicals with a focus on lead in paint, and illegal trade in wildlife.  

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UNECE Annual Report Highlights Contributions to Post-2015 Agenda, Forestry, Energy, Water [viewed]

unece_annual_report_2014April 2015: In its annual report for 2014, the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) emphasizes its intention to play an essential role in providing practical standards and agreements to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and develop indicators to measure progress towards the Goals. The report summarizes UNECE's activities and achievements in 2014, and highlights key priorities for 2015.

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Japan, US to Enhance Cooperation on Climate Change, Sustainable Energy [viewed]

us-japan28 April 2015: During a state visit by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the US, organized to honor the seven-decade partnership between the two countries, Prime Minister Abe and US President Barack Obama reaffirmed their countries' commitment to enhancing the bilateral partnership in a number of areas, including the environment and climate change, space and energy. The leaders announced the two countries would cooperate to address climate change and environmental degradation, and to deliver secure, affordable, sustainable and safe energy.

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Event: Workshop on Statistical Data Collection: Riding the Wave of the Data Deluge [viewed]

This workshop, titled 'Statistical Data Collection: Riding the Wave of the Data Deluge,' aims to contribute to the formulation of concrete proposals for internationally-coordinated work in the field of data collection. Sessions include: linking data collection and communication; new tools and methods, including big data and use of mobile devices; evaluation, management and integration of multiple sources; risk management for innovative sources of official statistics, including risk identification, assessment and options; and collaborating for the modernization of statistical data collection. This workshop responds to calls for closer collaboration between the data collection and communication communities within statistical offices; by holding their 2015 meetings back-to-back, the two communities will have a joint day for the exchange of ideas and experiences and to discuss future priorities and work.  

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International Mother Earth Day Celebrated around the World [viewed]

ban_ki_moon_concert22 April 2015: In celebration of Earth Day, multilateral institutions and organizations worldwide held public concerts and forums, revealed a 'forest pavilion,' and released special newsletters and statements, among many other commemorative activities. The UN kicked off its Earth Day events with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaking at the Global Citizen Earth Day Concert on 18 April in Washington DC, US, where he told the crowd, "Take your passion and compassion and build a better, sustainable world."

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Seventh Summit of the Americas Addresses Climate, Energy Access, SDGs [viewed]

vii_cumbre_de_las_americas12 April 2015: The Seventh Summit of the Americas met under the theme, ‘Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas,' and discussed education, health, energy, environment, migration, security, citizen participation and democratic governance, among other topics. Addressing the Summit, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commended the region's contribution to defining the post-2015 development agenda and to discussions on climate-related issues. He noted that Caribbean countries have played a particularly significant role in placing climate issues on the global agenda.

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Member States Open Joint Session on Post-2015 Development, FfD [viewed]

post201521 April 2015: The intergovernmental negotiation process on the post-2015 development agenda convened for a joint meeting with the preparatory process for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD 3). The post-2015 process' fourth session, meeting from 21-24 April 2015, is dedicated to means of implementation (MOI) and global partnership for sustainable development.

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WNICBR Discusses Climate Change and Sustainable Development [viewed]

UNESCO13 April 2015: At its fifth meeting, held in Attard, Malta, from 24-26 March 2015, the World Network of Island and Coastal Biosphere Reserves (WNICBR) focused on ‘The Impact of Climate Change and Sustainable Development on Island and Coastal Biosphere Reserves.'

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